Il Reggente

 Raisin Wines Il Reggente

TYPE: raisin red wine

PRODUCTION AREA: province of Treviso

SOIL: clayey

GRAPES USED: Marzemino 100%

FUN FACT: it's our musical wine; the wine mentioned in Mozart's Don Giovanni, in which the protagonist, during the famous scene of the banquet, exhorting the servant Leporello, exclaims "pour the wine, excellent Marzemino!". In the Municipality of Refrontolo, called "The Cradle of Marzemino", it is the wine of tradition. In the square in front at the Town Hall, there is a monument dedicated to Marzemino.

HARVEST: manual

HECTARE PRODUCTION: 80 q./ha; Wine yield 30%


TRAINING SYSTEM: row espalier

DRYING: the grapes, harvested by hand, are left to rest in crates. Drying is by natural air and lasts, on average, until the end of December/beginning of January. The climatic conditions allow the dehydration of the grape and the development of enzymatic activities that are decisive in marking the organoleptic texture of the future wine.

VINIFICATION: destemming and crushing of the grapes; alcoholic fermentation of the must in contact with the skins temperature-controlled; racking and permanence of the yeast in contact with the wine up to 1 month before bottling.

TASTING NOTES: impenetrable red in colour. Intriguing for the varied range of scents, from the Prune cherry with morello cherry, from cherries in alcohol to berries, with a floral binder of violet. Yes It expresses generosity on the palate, giving us extractive balance and aftertaste aromatic persistence.

RECOMMENDED PAIRINGS: chocolate, aged cheeses, dry pastries, fruit tarts, wine meditation.



SIZE: 375 cl

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