The Brand

In our LA REGGENZA brand, the two-faced Janus summarizes and condenses the reference values of our company.

Janus was one of the most important deities of the ancient Romans. He was commonly presented with two faces, which is why he was also called "the god of two faces", one facing the past and the other facing the future. He was the god of doors, those places that connect two different environments, as well as the past and the present with the future. We wanted to use it as a reference because we too, while on the one hand we look to the past and we want to jealously preserve what we have gained in the experiences of our long family tradition and the lands of Prosecco, on the other we look to the future, open to assume and enhance the best technological innovations offer today to ensure a high quality product and true excellence.

Our challenge therefore is to keep tradition and innovation united in a single project, to blend them together in our business practice. This is why we wanted to call it THE REGENCE ( La Reggenza) , because regent was the one who had the task of carrying all the fruitfulness of the past and present to deliver it even richer and more alive to the future.

Tradition, innovation, responsibility: these are the guidelines of our action and on which the trust of our customers and admirers rests.